• Love to have some! Do you deliver?
    • Linda Joy
      Keeping it virtual man. Besides I don't even have a vehicle.
    • Thinker
      Virtual is usually no fun. You could take a taxi, bus, or airplane!!! LOL
    • Linda Joy
      Virtual can be extremely fun if you do it right! Surely it's got to be some fun or you wouldn't keep coming back here everyday to answer questions, right? I'm on SSI and trying to save for a vehicle and a computer.
    • Linda Joy
      Here, enjoy your hot cocoa and cookies!
    • Thinker
      Hey that was pretty good hot chocolate and cookies and there were enough marshmallows on top!
    • Linda Joy
      It's always just right in the virtual world. Lol
  • Sure but with a vehicle how do you get around, better question Where do you Live? Here in New York City I could deliver being I have no vehicle either what's your scenario
    • Linda Joy
      I live on the southside of Birmingham, Alabama Homewood area. They have a nice city bus system here. Unfortunately, I live on a small mountain and I'm not able to get to the bus stop because of my previously broken and now arthritic ankles. I get around mostly with the help of a few precious Church family members and my VA therapist.
    • Linda Joy
      But enough of that! Here's some hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies. Enjoy!
  • ooooooooo yes, but ONLY if you have marshallows or marshmallow CREME in/on it!!!!!!!
    • Linda Joy
      of course! I can't mess it up in the virtual world!
  • That's a hot drink. You will be banded from the Free Mason temple practices.
  • Nope. But I will have some Black Rifle Coffee Company coffee. That's the shit. And a Twinkie.
  • You're aware it's mostly sugar, dried and ground insect parts and flavourings, right? Real cocoa, like real coffee, is fresh made from bean, not found in a jar.
    • Linda Joy
      I don't know of any kind of hot chocolate that comes in a jar. Unless its homemade and you put it in a mason jar. I add extra ground insects to mine for a protein boost! lol But since you're afraid of sugar I'll sweeten yours with atropa belladonna berries.
  • Yes and yes.
    • Linda Joy
      Enjoy your chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate!
  • Sure Dark with a pinch of cayenne.
    • Roaring
      Just had some at the local Cafe.
  • Yes,that sounds great! Would you like some pecan Prawlines? Someone in my house is making them for Christmas! :)
  • That would be perfect for a rainy day in L.A. By the way, may I have another. Thanks.

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