• It was a long day for me! But isn't it splendid to be rid of the spam? !
  • Spam has been back twice since you asked this, I believe. My head has almost stopped spinning.(Almost) Thought it was going to rain today but the clouds cleared up and it's sunny outside.
    • Linda Joy
      I was having difficulty posting this morning. I think it has to do with high volume usage. My page keeps crashing, so I decided to give our favorite spammer a few calls expressing my displeasure and then I slept. I'm so glad your head is getting better is the clicking still a problem? Did the antibiotics help at all? Did you get your appointment scheduled? Still praying for you.
    • Linda Joy
      Dan is also working hard on catching the spam, and I see we are once again spam free! Doing my Snoopy happy dance!
    • Anoname
      Dizzyness is still there - just a bit better. Clicking irritation has never stopped. A never ending Hell. Sounds like you've been getting more sleep, however. Glad to hear it.
    • Linda Joy
      Last long stretch was 36 hrs last Saturday/Sunday. I slept yesterday.
  • Boring! I am off work until 25 July. I have nothing pressing to do so play on my PC and watch TV. Saves fuel and money to stay home. Just have to pay for the AC.
  • okay, kind of boring since i cant get nnail, i did go to the senior center for lunch for a while
  • It was not as productive as I had hoped. Then it got worse when my sister called to tell me our Uncle's ex wife had passed away:( She was a dear lady.
  • my day was good thanks,,its close to my bed time here

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