• ooh. Tough one. Not both eh? mm Sabbath, man!
  • Hey you want to come to the party in The Penalty Box? you can choose the next song!
    • Roaring
      I really liked these questions as a flood of good memories came back to me and some of the concerts I saw back then. So i posed a couple myself. It also shows who has a similar affinity to certain classic rock groups.
    • Linda Joy
      what about the southern rock like Skynyrd Molly Hatchet the Charlie Daniels Band 38 Special Little Feat?
    • Linda Joy
      What about Kiss, Boston, Bon Jovi, Joan Jett, Kansas I like those
    • Roaring
      Nice list. Saw Skynyrd at first concert I went to in 1976. you didn't mention Allman Brothers & ZZ Top.
    • Linda Joy
      I liked Greg Allman's I'm no Angel, and ZZ Top is good. Truth is I was married at 18 and my ex bought most of the music. I'd rather listen to the radio for free than to pay for music. I just knew what I liked when I got to listening to it. I liked oldies and country with some pop. Heavy metal is not my favorite, but I tried to find some that I like. I was more interested in inviting you to a party.
    • Roaring
      Have you ever used Pandora to create stations based on favorite music titles, artists or bands? Its free and exposes me to new music that is similar to my selections as well. I think it may work on a phone too not sure
    • Linda Joy
      It does. I used it on another phone once but it seemed to only play covers and I like original music also it takes a lot of space.
  • Neither. Far too loud. Let's just relax and listen to Dean Friedman for four hours.
    • Roaring
      I'll have to look him up. Yes, Deep Purple when they became "Whitesnake" one of their concerts in the seventies actually hurt my ears.a There's lots of mellow music i like too to chill. I don't listen to hard rock that much anymore.
  • Neither. I'm not into that kinda stuff.
    • Roaring
      What groups do you like?
  • Oooh, difficult, can I call both? Does anybody else remember the short time Ian Gillan was in Sabbath ("Born Again" album)? They played one UK gig, at a festival. The encore was "Paranoid" & "Smoke on the Water"!😅
  • a tie
    • Beat Covid, Avoid Republicans
      I love your name. Did you know it was the name of the area the Beatles came from. Originally The Murzy Beat was the Beatles beat, lol
  • Sabbath was only really Sabbath for Paranoid, Masters of Reality and Vol 4. After that they basically died. Then they got rid of Ozzie and substituted Dio and Tony Iommi and the rest is history. Still they had more hits than Deep Purple. I still love Smoke on the Water which is a Rock and Roll Masterpiece.
  • Prefer Black Sabbath.

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