• Everyone wet their pants at everything he said and did.
  • It wasn't a case of the media liking or disliking something (That's Donald's PRETEND those who document what goes on have some sort of bias or lie). Trump is the only one dispensing fake news. (And of course FOX, with its "alternate facts") (If Mr Pants ever has to go to court for murder and grand theft and jay walking, I will remember to cite the government itself as precedent to the claim that "Your honor, the DA may be presenting facts, sure. But the alternate facts are that I am a hero who deserves a medal and some bags of cash, so I should just be allowed to keep the ones I stole, wait... *alternate facts..* CAUGHT as they were falling out of the Brinks truck, endangering school children and otters with the very real possibility of being struck. *blink* ") ............ REALITY is that no president has ever done so badly. His approval rating is the lowest EVER. Multiple reports of him facing a very real possibility of actually being impeached. And yesterday - instead of doing anything a president ought to be doing (which it's painfully obvious he's incompetent at), he was busy showing the press the "finished election results map" he made... (Yup. He's having so much trouble doing the job at all, that this far in he's still pondering things like Hillary, and which states were red.) I'm not making this up. The Republicans are an evil lying takeover group that only wants to exempt itself from taxes and law, the populace has been brainwashed, and Trump was elected by party trickery and fascistic parroting dummies. He is entirely unqualified and so failing. And now he sits around like a crazy person who's lost, embracing the memories of having "won", instead of doing the job at all. Anything he has done, he acts very autocratic, and it's far from merely inappropriate, so if he does get removed for incompetence, it'd be a good thing for the country, so others know, you cant just get in and do whatever YOU feel like, you have to do the job as is.

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