• I'm not attracted to women, but I think interracial (black and white) women (and men) with hazel eyes are beautiful! and if they had green eyes I think they'd be even more attractive but I've never actually seen that. I also think very dark skin is attractive, especially with white clothing. Although I've only ever dated mostly white men. For me it's more important who they are than what they look like.
    • Natz
      Most definitely is it more important who the person is. This is not based on after you met them and weither you want a relationship with them or not. It is just general on first appearance.
    • Linda Joy
      Right. There was a post the other day about blue eyes and black hair. I also think on women red hair and green eyes are attractive.
    • Natz
      Lol. I was hoping someone will say ginger or red hair with blue eyes. Lol. Cus that is me. Whahaha.
    • Linda Joy
      That too, that to!
    • wisconsindaddyfox
      I would put the three in this order. 1_ginger,green eyes 2_brunet,green eyes,3_blond,blue eyes. There is however some ginger and blond ladies with very light eye lashes and eyebrows. I look a person in the face while talking and find it bugs me if i cant easily see them. It's not so much of beauty thing than i tend to read body language and emotions as well as hearing their words.
  • I don't discriminate, they are all equal to me.
  • Definitely girls with ginger or red hair with blue eyes are the most attractive. Fancy a shag?
    • Natz
      Whaha. 😂😂😂 No thanks, but I'm sure that is the only reason you answered that. Lol
    • beaker95
      Yes, you are correct. And because it made me smile. Do you like Muppets with orange hair and big googly eyes?
    • Natz
    • beaker95
      Is that a maybe?
    • Qagidi
      As a Caucasian male with dark hair and hazel-green eyes, all other factors being equal, natural blondes are just that more fascinatingly attractive than brunettes to me. I believe it's a case of opposites attract rather than some conventional image.
  • I never let hair or eye color choose my partner. how ever the scot irish in me loves red hair and blue or green eyes
  • We recently did an entire series on this. We covered about 12 primary studies and over 100 sub/related studies. What it showed is that hair and eye color are individualistic. However, the general norm was that people had a preference for brunettes while blondes were approached more. These preferences were found to be linked a social stereo type. Blondes are viewed as having more fun. Brunettes were viewed as being more intelligent.
  • It depends on what each one looks like.
  • I see people as individuals. Each can be beautiful in their own way. BTW Did you know there are Blacks, Asians, Latinos etc with blue eyes. True. Its either because of European ancestry, ocular albinism or genetic disorder Waardenburg syndrome. One of the signs is brilliant blue eyes regardless of the person's ethnic background or two different colored eyes,

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