• The Shield - had that before the stupid TV cop show.
  • The Four-Eyed-Sarcastic-Tosser Man.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      rofl "Tosser Man"?! HA HA!! Oh man. ...So how did you earn this moniker? And who pasted it on you?
    • Mr PantsFellDown
  • I am Captain Spanky. No... General Dysfunction!!? No.. I am...Spinkter Man, the brown eyed rear viewer. (oh, you don't want that explained. (he can see behind himself!). mm... I am Volcano Man. I am Professor Dingus. I am Doctor Troffleheuber! (ooh, I like that one). *imagines dialogue* "So tell us, Dr. Troffleheuber, have you made any new discoveries since identifying the sticky substance on your mattress" *German accent* "Vhy yes. Az uh matter ov fact, I am verking even now on an experiment involving the digestion of large amounts of..." Nah, that doesn't work either. ..Professor Poppadink? mm? yea! ... Lieutenant Dan!! Oh wait that's been used. Yea, I'm probably as super-heroey as I'm ever destined to be, as just plain old Mr PantsFellDown :( *snif*
    • Anoname
      I liked the German accent.
    • beaker95
      That was German?
  • Wonder Woman! I wonder where my phone is! I wonder where I put my wallet! I wonder where my shoes are! I wonder where I left my brush!
    • Anoname
      Clever clover.
    • Linda Joy

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