• I think so...
    • Linda Joy
      Sorry I can't watch videos on my phone, but I'm sure others will enjoy it! Thank you!
    • Azlotto
      Most welcome...The video is an optical illusion...I wish we could post pictures here..
  • Yes, but I haven't drank in 19-1/2 years now, so...I haven't had any disastrous next mornings in a long time. (Ha! That's what you want to ask these guys.....their best horror stories from their heavy drinking ("partying") days...back when we were young enough to consider it heroic to get so drunk you'd fall comically, black out, pass out, get drawn on while unawares, barf, cry about "Sheila! Sheila!", or wake up with some large horrid stranger in your bed and you cant remember how she got there (or who she is), and you have to start calling friends to ask "Did I have a good time? Where's my car?" .....oh good times! good times! LOL
    • Linda Joy
      I usually remembered what I did while drunk, UNFORTUNATELY!
  • depends on the girl, we're all different
  • No. The ugly ones are still ugly, it's just the standards that drop.

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