• You need to figure out a theme. ..What about Thailand are you making a point or points of? Once that is known, outline it on cards, and make planning notes on each of how you think it would be interesting to talk of each point, how to present them so they're interesting. (And remember, if you're interested, they will be...but if you find what you're discussing boring, they will sense that. So be interested yourself! Somehow.) SECOND: Throw in a bit of subtle humor, every so often. That doesn't mean tell knock knock jokes, or "the one about the boy scout and the priest"....but any time something you're discussing makes you think of a joke, feel free - within reason - to go after it. THIS will do wonders for the lightness of your presentation (so it wont be all non-stop serious and heavy. People hate that.) (*TIP:Jokes are often as easy as taking advantage of a play on words.) (4 or 5 laughter breaks in a half hour speech is a good amount ( I wouldn't exceed it. You're not there to do stand up.) ..ALSO: people who are going to give a speech sometimes try and come up with an "opener" to lighten the mood, and make them like you, at the start.) For example (though I dont know if this'd be good, but) you could say, first thing when you get on the stage and have their attention, "well... interesting underwear!" (a reference to that classic bit of advice, about "if youre nervous, imagine the audience in their underwear") (This will amount to admitting your nervous, and they'll like you for showing that you're human, plus you'll no longer feel nervous. It's win win win). could even pull out a pair of those toy glasses (with the swirly pattern on the lenses), and say "Well my imagination isn't THAT good.." as you put them on...and then go "Whoa!" ..and look around, and look at a man and say " Fishnet???" or perhaps... "Sir...does Victoria Secret know you have her underwear?" ...........But as i said, it could be good to lighten the mood at the start, or it could be entirely inappropriate. You gotta judge the situation. If it's casual enough, you can gain the audience's attention and favor this way. (DON'T joke around too long. Just hit, take the laugh, and move on (get to the subject at hand). ....If you're really clueless as to the patter of gaining an audiences rapture and playing it, watch some TED Talks on you tube! You can see how it's done. ... So HAVE FUN WITH IT. But do make sure your presentation itself is the star. Get the information across, is your real goal. (NOTE: humor can actually help them remember the material. Also know that once you've made a certain joke, later you can make another similar to it (referencing it), and that makes it and the original joke funnier (this technique is called "the recurring joke". It's hard to lose with that, if done right.) .... LASTLY, don't be nervous; enjoy the role youre getting to play (you're the star of a show! I envy what you're getting to do. It's fun! SO relax, and savor it.)
  • You're cutting it a bit fine. As it;s like saying "I've never kicked a ball before but I want to become a top flight footballer like Messi and Ronaldo... To make an awesome presentation requires awsome skills and a rockstar personality. You've not even put together a piece to just TALK about Thailand let alone present on it. Start with your basic 101: Get a travel book on Thailand like Lonely Planet and start from there.
  • I'd need to know if this is a tabletop, visual presentation, oral presentation, power point presentation? Is it localized presentation or will it be broadcast? Are you allowed to bring in actors (even amateur ones) to bring it to life? Is it for school or professional?
  • Hi, maybe you can talk about its culture, some traditional or yummy food, famous people, location and famous people in Thailand, something like these.But I am not quite sure whether it is the topic you are assigned to make. 1. To make an awesome presentation, you need to make sure what is your topic first. 2. You can list some keywords or key points about this topic on your PowerPoint, included some interesting pictures or videos. 3. Make your PowerPoint simple and clean, but that doesn't mean a simple presentation, you need to enrich each point in your PowerPoint in your speech. 4. If possible, use some tools to make your PowerPoint much prettier, like using PowToon to make animation video to explain your words, or add some effects to your PowerPoint. 5. Do not stand in front of your table and computer, you can use wireless mirroring software, like ApowerMirror, to play the PowerPoint on your mobile, so that you can stand confidently during the speech, which is also important during the presentation. Hope that will work for you.
  • When I was to make a cool presentation for my work I used this site . There are a lot of templates for making it visual-attractive. Another trick is for having some assignment done on time, so also helped me a lot. And remember the main rule of amazing presentation: less text on your slides and speak more.
  • WOW that's a hard one........but I can help you with the actual presentation....... First of all, BE YOURSELF....DON'T BE stiff and like a statue. LOOK OUT AT YOUR AUDIENCE but .........DO NOT MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ANYONE.........******************* i mean it!! it will distract you........ the trick? I'm a retired makeup artist and taught and then was on the road for 3 years.....spoke at seminars, beauty salons, as well as, of course the classes at the modeling school I taught at. and I loved it.........ANYHOOOO. when you are in front of your audience, AGAIN BIG TRICK TO DO: ************LOOK OVER THE TOPS OF THEIR HEADS AND ALSO AT THE BACK OF THE ROOM******* see? no one will know that you are NOT looking at any one person......they just see you looking here and there.... and by all means practice in front of a mirror, by yourself, then in front of friends or family........they will be your best critics. are you slouching when you speak? are you mumbling? going too fast? (always my problem LOL) or too slow!!! as far as Thailand, i'd have NO Interest in that country.........but,,,,,,,, you always start by telling them what you want to tell them, then you tell them, that is give your talk, then BRIEFLY tell them what you told them...... NOT as hard as it sounds when you get your talk all thought thru and so on.... perhaps you could go to a search engine and look up little known facts about Thailand; have NO Idea what they'd be, but there must be some little thing that people don't know or think about it.....but as I said, to me, Thailand is a HUGE SNOOZE.........(sorry!!! lol) just remember to be yourself........... look over their heads look left, center and right,,,,,,so you 'take in' everyone watch the pace of your speaking...... rehearse in front of others, even if it's just one person.......but a group's a lot better!! and here I shall close.. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU......(esp. having to talk about Thailand!! sorry, couldn't resist! LOL) and have fun with it..........

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