• Not sure of the funniest but this one came to mind immediately: Tom and Jerry when Tom was playing a classical piece on the piano and Jerry was dancing around the keys adding to the piece.
    • Linda Joy
      I liked the big rooster and the Egghead. And since it's only cartoons I liked when Daffy Duck's wife's slapped his face off of him for not sitting on their eggs.
  • I laughed pretty hard at the "phonics monkey" episode of south park. But I don't know if I'd say it was the absolute best. There were others just as hilarious. The Civil War enactment episode was wonderful. Or when we found out Cartman's whole family talks like him. Or Chef's Scottish parents (about three fiddy!) Ooh! Towelie (I got it. I got the melody to funky town!(("You're a towel!") ---------------------- But these are 90's cartoons. From earlier in life, I remember laughing till my face hurt, when Jerry stuck an air hose in a cow and it blew up and floated away. The Bugs Bunny episode with the little green alien who wants to blow up Earth "because it's blocking our view"... And you're right Foghorn Leghorn was great. Or Bugs Bunny fooling that red monster in the castle. Actually, this is obscure but..the funniest scene from the entire Bugs Bunny series is in an early one, where he is playing a circus hawker, and as he is working the crowd with his spiel, he pauses to get a carrot out of a box, chew it, and put it back in the box and then he continues. That was golden! And yet just one small moment. But I have always found it is those small humanly relateable moments that I cherish most in comedy. Like - in the Taxi series - the one where Tony and John (both the simple-minded characters) are having what, for them, passes as a deep philosophical discussion, about how they can never get a fresh apple from the vending machine. It was just a minute of patter. But it was classic! Just as the scene where Ignatowski is cheating at the drivers test, by asking the guys "What does a yellow light mean?" (And they keep telling him "slow down", so he says "Okey doke." And he says it slower!!! WOW!
    • Linda Joy
      My son used to watch South Park. I vaguely remember some episodes. I remember the Martian in Biggs bunny! I like the one where he is tunneling and he pops up out of the ground and asked where am I some buddy answers Albuquerque he pops his head back down and says it's no use they don't speak English here.
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      LOL Yes!
  • Two that come to mind are Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd (as a Viking) battling each other to various tunes of Wagner; and Popeye the Sailor and Bluto (as Abu Hassan) scuffling in an Arabian town. Also Popeye meets Bluto (as Sindbad) and Boola the giant whose two heads argue with each other.
  • i think they were all funny
  • Any of the Foghorn Leghorn cartoons.
    • Linda Joy
      I especially liked the ones with Egghead.
  • The one that used to leave us kids laughing so hard it hurt is the one where mild-mannered Goofy gets behind the wheel of a car and turns into a sort of Dr. Jeckyl. They would play it every few years on Wonderful World of Disney, and it put us in stitches every time.
  • The Simpsons are hilarious

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