• Good question. Very hard to know when someone else is "assuming." Their behavior may give them away...or not. I don't know the mind of others as they don't know mine. I assume I know why you are asking this question but unless you tell me I could be right or I could be wrong. Assuming those are the only two choices.
    • Linda Joy
      I'm sorry. I can see now this question was not very clear.
    • Boola Boo
      hahahaha I read the answer not realizing I was the one who wrote it, hahahaha. I like the way I think. hahahahahahah
  • Only when there's a chance there's some truth in their assumption, and I feel a defensive need to deny it. (That's actually something people do. The adage goes "you'll only feel angry at someone's words when they might be right"). ..So if someone's assumption is partly, or more, right, and it's something one wants kept covered, they will "correct"!
    • Linda Joy
      I'm confused. There was no anger involved. Its just sometimes simpler to let someone assume I did clerical work in the service than to correct them. Usually they don't know what it is when I tell them and the explanation involves translating the military language into words they're familiar with and in the long run its inconsequential anyway
    • Linda Joy
      It does kinda feel like a lie if I don't set the record straight, but just tedious sometimes.
  • if it is appropriate at the time
  • Naa, hopeless - I just keep talking until he can't handle it and leaves!
    • Linda Joy
  • sometimes
  • Yes, because everyone is always wrong.
  • Not so much "compelled" as "will further pursue line of enquiry". For example when someone assumes "Apple" is better than Android" then it's something I will pursue as to why, as they are usually wrong, but not something that needs correcting as if Apple's system work for them, then more power to them. But if someone is going down the "being White is better than being Black" assumption. Then you can rest assured it's not something they'll walk away unscathed.
  • "Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups." - Marcus Penn
    • Linda Joy
      I was taught that in the Navy.
  • It depends what they are assuming & how wrong the assumption is.
  • Would someone wrongly assuming I was being judgmental in an answer count? If so, then yes.

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