• Its the guests that make the party epic! Invite interesting people!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      She's very right. get a band (one that plays real music, not hip hop, not disney girly techno..real music...LET A MUSICIAN PICK THE BAND)
    • Linda Joy
      So... what's your pick?
  • Fill the pool with jello & vodka , then set up a hidden camera ... on their way into the party.. you give everybody a plastic cup and a big spoon, : )
    • beaker95
      I like to spoon and cup.
    • Linda Joy
      Can we have cherry jello?
    • Ice man
      @ beaker - go check on your marmite.
    • Ice man
      @ Linda - Well yeah, that goes without sayin' , but sometimes I mix in a few pails of strawberry for a deeper red. : )
  • Do not paint thee elleephunt.
  • Okay, ready? 1 - FLOATING CHAIRS (with drink holders) 2 - BIMBO SERVERS, who come when you say "girl?" 3 - Water sports *shrugging speechlessly* (You'll have to use your imagination. Could be water polo, or the girls doing water ballet, or it could be something really perverted and weird. Ooh! ALL THREE! 4 - edible underwear (and oh, okaaay..some real snacks too). 5 provide swimsuits to guests that actually dissolve in water. 6 - great/outrageous/etc movie scenes playing (no sound) on a 100 inch screen near pool....accompanied by DECENT music 7 - bong in middle of pool. 8 - bong in bathroom 9 - When guests arrive they see a Chinese boy drunk on lawn, saying "Automobile??!!"" 10 - Strip poker in kitchen. 11 - something that looks like flour, but isn't.. 12 - helicopter lands in yard. Someone awesome jumps out. 13 - A bus pulls up. It's the Miss Nude America finalists and they want fun!!! ...And lastly, if you cant get a helicopter, someone awesome and some hot nude women..IMPROVISE!! ((OH...and make sure there's 2 or 3 "private rooms" available, and a bowl of condoms near the door) (not to be confused with the popcorn)
    • Linda Joy
      I'm onboard with the water sports, and I give great virtual snacks!

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