• I suspect he is still here under another name.
  • "He is dangling from the leaning coconut tree; eagerly awaiting his fourth frontal lobotomy." Phew, them hookers sure tired me out. I didn't know there were more than three sexual positions. Did you? What jokes? I am a serious research analyst. They can't deport me, cos I am half Mexican, half Muslim and half German. Still editing the movie with Mr. Spielberg, but will wing you a draft copy in time for Ramadan. All my love, Beaker95. x
    • Linda Joy
      Oh, its worse than I thought!
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I did know there were more than 3 sexual positions, but, as I get older, more and more they require some accompaniment to get done. *blink* (I meant MUSICAL accompaniment of course (if not trampoline equipment or at least some alcohol, various food items and a can of motor oil. *blink*) So! Your movie-making was part of your research work, not documented acts of perversion at all. I should have known. Hey now you could be like that talking dog on Family Guy! You know...he went to Hollywood, ended up making three pornos and wouldn't ya know it, two days later he had gotten three woodies!!!! (um, a Woodie is a film making award, you "Emmy", "Grammy"....yea.) You know, the girls here might like to SEE your woody. Perhaps you should take it out and (oh this is far, even for me *hangs head* ) show it to them!! :D mmm... In the future, if you're going to disappear, if you'd like, you could make an account at my stillborn musicians hang out (forum). It has no members but me ("Charlie"), because I rock at building a site, producing a magazine start-to-finish (light humor), and also have several other amazing skills that could probably get me a woody if I showed them to the general public.. O_o Wait, what were we saying? Oh ya.. I can build a site, produce a magazine and boil water, but I can't seem to get people to come to the sites I build, as this takes large sums of cash (for advertising) and unfortunately Captain Meow ate most of my cash, on that day we agreed to never speak of O_o. ..So what you can do is start a thread as "beaker's blog", here: ......... *gets back from looking at the old place* You know, a lot of fun could be had there, and anyone could go. But there's prolly a rule against canvasing for members, and being an old Admin myself, I know better O_o Save that link, and make an account if you ever feel the need. And if so, provide the e-mail address you actually use (it will NOT get spammed...just me sees it, and I hate spam)...and that way if there's any news worth passing along, I'll drop you a line. Meantime, anything posted there turns into instant fun for all. I swear! (Oh but look out for Pete and The Moose (there are 2 other members, a guy that looks like Hitler, and a talking Moose...but they're harmless (although the Hitler guy pees on everything, but..we all have our faults..

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