• I thought you'd never ask!
  • I am old enough to say "been there, done that, don't need to do it again"...and that I like my independence. But..there is this young college professor, who strolls past my window and then does this amazing waggle up some stairs, every day, while I drool, no! I mean..while I mind my business and keep working at my desk without leering at all. (Yea, that's it.) And after seeing her I mean adequate-for-holding-her-legs-onto-her-torso BUTT, daily, for a year, Mr Pants is starting to feel reminded that he is alone. But it passes! And that's good, because I really do intend to keep the solitude I enjoy to myself. I dont want to have to clear every decision and activity with someone all day again. Been there, done that, don't need to again :| .............. ((even though she has a world class sitter downer, an educated mind, keeps her car nice and clean, works hard, is nicely feminine and just plain cute.)) ((oops.))((It's not my fault, you see, she's a bit short, so has to waggle her ass in the most amazing exaggerated manner as she climbs those stairs. Well it hypnotizes me, so by the time she reaches the top, I am ready to hand over my wallet and house key and start following orders! However.. it doesn't bother Mr Pants at all! *whistles* *keeps saying to self, "it's just a butt, it's just a butt. It isn't REALLY 'magical'.." *sigh*

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