• We're starting to explore space again.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      I really like this one. Go Stephen Hawkings!
  • 3-28-2017 Waiting for the Lord to come get us. Well, some of us.
  • Licking our testicles and scratching our butt cracks....
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I can't lick my testicles. They're forever out of reach. :( I've been ripped off in life!~
    • beaker95
      Probably more fun getting someone else to do it....I am just way too unsociable....
  • You want a serious answer? We may be just something that occurs, and no more significant - in the larger view of things - than moss on a rock. There's never been a religion that wasn't just made up, to alleviate fears of death and insignificance. But die we do, and insignificant we may be. And our perception of things needing to have meaning is illusory minds stuff that happens, not real or important at all. Oh and we're not here "like" animals, we are animals. And I've observed that humanity is for the most part stupid, selfish, callous, and thus not worthy of dying and finding we're actually SOOOO grand we must be kept alive forever, and rewarded with fabulous never ending heavenliness. But..... other than that, great! Life is a nice experience, if you just happened to be born with enough money to make it work. And if you weren't, well, no matter, humans will always lavish more on those who have a lot, and scorn those who've never had anything, because that's the kind of bastards we are. .......If I had a question like yours.....if I understand right, I'd be looking for meaning. Well as I said, we don't have to be meaningful. It's just some phsychological gaga that happens to us that makes us think meaning and knowing why is important. (they're instincts that probably served caveman well, by causing him to seek knowledge and understanding. And that's great if you need to figure out how to make houses and heat and store food etc, to evolve into a species that knows how to do its stuff and survive but....does it mean we MUST be eternally important, and the whole universe exists only for us? I doubt it. We're assholes! But maybe if we survive as a species, we'll evolve into better beings, who share the wealth and don't do cruel things to others. Maybe. Best I can offer is in life, one seeks for grander meaning for a time, and then eventually accepts that an unsatisfying lack of understanding is all we got, and may be capable of (OH think about it. Could an ant figure out what a space shuttle was? Nope. He'd be way too lesser of a being to be able to. Well, we may not be the pinnacle of what creatures can occur in the cosmos at all. SO...moss on a rock. And untill (or unless) man becomes less warlike and cruel and just plain dumb, moss on a rock. Interesting, yet only as important as any other animal. We eat, we poop, we make excuses, because our brains evolved large enough to....but we're just another animal so far.
    • beaker95
      Wasn't psychological gaga a Queen song...?
  • cause god put us here
  • It's a dog-eat-dog world were egotism, ruthless competition without self-restraint, ethics and etc is seen every day on the news.
  • That’s just how it is. In fact humans are creatures. We are made by our parents. We are humans that were once humans. We are stuck on the same planet because Earth has life on it and is the only habitable planet for all creatures and animals.
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