• Haha I saw that book too. No never heard that before. I am a boomer and we had our own problems as well as advantages. No question most of us were not content to be as straight-jacketed and apparently as unhappy as our parents but I think most of us have acquitted ourselves rather well.
    • CosmicWunderkind
      Yerk Kool!:)
  •'s one of those bratty generations that came behind us who didn't receive enough spankings!!! 😐
    • notyouraveragedummy
      Incorrect! Baby boomers were the last generation that could be spanked without the parent getting arrested. We were spanked plenty.
  • No, they're generally acknowledged as your parents and grandparents and other elders in your clan. 10/2/22
  • Half of my family were. The beatings will continue until moral improves.
  • No, that happened later. " baby boomers are an economically influential generation." "As the longest-living generation in history, boomers are at the forefront of what’s been called a longevity economy, " "With more health and energy—and their children now adults—boomers who can afford it expect to spend at least early retirement fulfilling travel dreams and other bucket-list items. Those who reach retirement age now are often healthy enough to run marathons, build houses, and even start businesses.",are%20an%20economically%20influential%20generation.
  • No more so than anyone else who supports Trump. Other than the emotionally challenged people who accuse everyone who doesn't acknowledge their craving for support of being a sociopath, terms like that have become one of the new phobias to fuel the Liberal hate propaganda. Not all Baby Boomers are sociopaths - just the right-wingers.

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