• Not immediately, depends if you are left by your partner for someone else, but if you were in an abusive relationship and you leave your partner then yes, it will reduce depression with time.
  • its tearin up mah heart when im with you.but when we are apart i feel it too.and no matter what i do I feel the pain.with or without you.
  • I would suggest that if you were the one getting the divorce at your behest, then yes, it may well be a sort of closure on a time that was not good and in that way it could help to ease a depression (if it was contributing in the first place). If you were not even aware that there were issues in your relationship (which does happen to some people) then it could indeed cause or increase a depression. The latter situation describes my Dad, but the former situation would describe my Mum.
  • Only if the reason for your depression is being in your marriage and you want out.
  • I don't know if it can be considered a cure, but if a troubled marriage is a contributing factor to the depression, then it must be dealt with in one way or another Here are some articles about coping with depression:
  • divorce does not always cure depression. in some situations it is like taking a breath of fresh air. it has cured the depression i was in during the marriage but then you have the depression of insecurity after a divorce. in my experience, i just make up my mind that divorce was the right decision and then focus on what i am going to do afterwards and i would find at times it was an exciting thought. after the divorce is settled, it really isnt that bad. it is what you make it. if you are depressed because of you significant other on a daily basis please get out.
  • No. If a bad marriage is a life stress factor that is contributing to depression, than getting out of that marriage will help. But if your stress-coping mechanism is stuck in "depressive" mode, than just removing the stress does not automatically cause the depression to lift.
  • no but it is a start.
  • No it doesn't.
  • Not clinical dpression. Otherwise, it can be a real mood lifter and a great opportunity to splurge on a bottle of Dom.
  • It can cure a lot of headaches.
  • Yeah it does! As soon as your divorce is final, and you can start enjoying flying "Solo," you are gonna feel like someone opened up the big bay window in your living room and a big cool Spring Breeze is flying through it whisking you up into the air, and balancing you in the air like a feather! Sorry, got carried away.
  • Only if the marriage is what caused it :)
  • If the depression is marriage also cures migraines.:)
  • Only the depression caused by marriage. Anything based on something else would still be there.
  • Divorce makes depression worse.
  • Absolutely. Some didn't even know what was wrong with them. When a husband dumps a wife AND kids. A woman can 'sink or swim.' After the burden of 'him' is lifted most find out they can now 'swim' just fine.
  • If being married to a jerk of a husband like I was.....then yes!! Being married to him caused a LOT of my depression!

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