• I actually cut my own hair. Have been doing that since High School - ROTC.
    • Ice man
      It's good that you can look after your own. I still have a barber, she's a sexy blond who sings in night clubs at night. I mean places swank enough that even I can't get in, unless she comes and gets me past the doorman. : )
  • I get what is left of it, cut. Been thinning out for the past 3 months or so. Very upsetting.
    • Ice man
      I'm so sorry. I have friends who've gone through that too. And yes, it's very upsetting. : (
  • I let mine grow. Last time I had it cut was 2010. The stylist called an associate to tell them about how it went all the way down to her foot pedal with the seat pumped all the way up! Got it cut about to my shoulder blades! I missed it a lot at first, but it grew back.
    • Rick Myres
      Want to send me picture of your hair?
    • Linda Joy
      I don't have one anymore. But I'll see if I can get someone to take one. I'm guessing you want a shot from the back to see the length? What do I get in return?
    • Rick Myres
      Sure a front or back shot or both. I usually email pictures. I also take my own pictures (selfies) with my phone camera, GE, Hp, camera as well as video camera still shots and the camera on my tablet. What do you get?? How about a picture from me?
    • Linda Joy
      Yeah, the one of you in your glasses and cowboy hat! E-mail is on my profile.
    • Linda Joy
      I have hand tremors so I don't take pictures very well.
  • About every 8 weeks.
  • I cut my own hair.
  • I have clean shaven hair cut every three months. At home I use electric shaver. Not to save money just done this for a lot of years.
  • My hair has never been cut.
    • Ice man
      And I suppose you've never had a finger poked in your belly either ?
    • we are dough 68
      Not a finger, no.
    • Ice man
      I think pearllederman wants to give it try... and there's video proof you're not being truthful Pinocchio ...
  • mine dont grow much so i dont need to cut it

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