• Under the new ownership this site is kind of a work in progress and they progress very slowly perhaps because they are not sure exactly where they want it to go as yet. We can't have "friends" or message privately as yet as we could on the former AB. But there are a lot of former ABers here though I remember only a few of them and they were for me more friends of former friends. We can "follow" other users which mean we receive notifications of their Qs and As. But probably best way is to hang out and wait for people to surface or return - if they do at all. Would seem that the site is just starting to get more new questions from current users so they don't have to dredge up as many of our questions from years ago and post them. I have a few old friends and people I chatted with privately on the former site but somehow on the new AB I am seeing them in a new and different light. Mostly I like that the initial freedom of the former site has been at least for now restored as the last couple of years on the DemandMedia AB I was extensively censored and deleted.
  • Have them follow you or email each other
  • You have to search other Q&A websites to find them. Then see if you can get their email address.

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