• Not sure I understand the situation. You got the answers to the test from a previous graduate but you did not know that they were the answers to the test? How did that work? Without more explanation it is hard to judge, but superficially it seems as if you cheated. You did not learn the subject, you learned the test. That is the very definition of cheating. In the United States we have an expression - ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you were really not aware that you had the test answers - which I do not find credible - that is mitigating, but not exculpating. Certainly you had to be aware that you were in possession of something that the other students did not have. That alone should have tipped you off. So either you cheated actively, or you cheated passively. That, however, is a tentative judgment made in the absence of much pertinent information.
  • Yes if he caught you with the document.

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