• Well I would hope they do. After all why would we want to be 16 and na├»ve forever?
  • I will never forget my first love as that's 5 years of memories but I sure as hell do not love him anymore! My idea of love and what it means to me has changed so much since then. I look back on that relationship and realise how much I didn't know about relationships or even about people in general.
  • I don't think so. As we get older, our ideas about love change. What I thought was love as a youth is different as I get older.
    • officegirl
      Yes exactly! I can remember why I liked them but those remembered feelings have no relevance for me now.
  • yes, takes along time to get over it
  • My first real relationship was a wonderful love. We dated for several years. That was over 60 years ago. Although she married another man and has a wonderful life with children and grandchildren I still love her and always will. About 20 years ago I was going through some old photographs I had coming across several of her. Thanks to the internet I was able to find her address. I sent the photos to her. We have been communicating during these last years. She says she is blessed because she has had two men in her life who have truly loved her. She knows I still love her and that I would do anything to help her today.

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