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  • Sorry but have never been very creative or inventive or comfortable with those kinds of games. Once a man who used to like how I looked in my red one-piece told me I should wear it shopping but I could never have done it. Oh good to see another on here admitting to being middle-aged!
    • Deety
      We cannot all be young, and as I get older I realise that my imagination is rather better now than it was when I was younger. I presume by 'one piece' you are referring to a swimming costume, and I would not be embarrassed to do that if I were in a warm place, but here in the UK it would certainly provoke comment, if not total embarrassment.
    • officegirl
      Well I would be embarrassed but don't know if many here would even notice. Of course here now it is 25 degrees Fahrenheit! Anyhow is not the kind of attention I want. When I was young I used to go topless riding around in cars. Because I thought OK if men could why couldn't we? Nobody noticed because they just assumed I was a boy. I admire and enjoy creativity but never had any. Hi!
    • Deety
      Dear me, join the club sweetheart. I was not blessed in that department either. I referred to them as my fried eggs but my husband claimed I was boasting! Still, I have never needed a bra and even though even now in my eighth decade I still dont. I wouldn' t even consider wearing a bathing costume at rtf, i'D shiver at 25 c.
    • officegirl
      In the old hippie days my wardrobe consisted of boys work shirt, corduroy pants, boots, and baseball cap. I completely shunned anything girly until I was well into my 20s and trying to get better paying jobs. Menopause gave me a visible bust line. Which honestly I never tire of admiring in the mirror. I am 59.
  • Okay, my gf and I have been working on this and working on this and we are still not sure we have a good idea, but here goes. (There are runners up, but we compromised on this.) You will be on a leash around your neck. A black thong that shows a lot of that cute little ass of your and barely covers your pussy, but a huge dildo hangs down in front. From there two straps hold up your black sheer stockings. The top is pretty straightforward. A leather strap that starts around your neck and comes down around each of your tits, leaving them exposed, and then around your chest just below your boobs. I bring you in on the leash, standing upright. However, whenever I yell, "Heel!" you get down on all fours and begin to lick my shoes and wag that cute little butt of yours. Some times you get so excited that you jump up on the other customers and I yell, "NO!! Bad girl. Down!" You roll over on your back and I scratch your tummy as you whimper and your dildo points straight up for all the customers to see. (Then the police come and take us both away, but hey, you knew this was not going to end well.) Best we could do. Sorry it took so long.
    • Deety
      Rather more extreme than I expected, but hey ho we have been playing roughvand I deserved it. Shame you get pulled in by the Police though, but I have worked a deal to get you out without charge. So I am down on my knees in the station yard with a queue of officers waiting their turn. Oh the things I do for you.
    • dorat
      Thanks for putting up the bail money - I'll think of you every time I put on my lace panties. Anyhow, you asked for embarrassing and we aim to please. Cheers!

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