• Only the Answerbag Staff could make more than guesses in this matter. This will depend on the resources that they can invest on that project, considering that they are working on the interface at the same time. I understand that they are looking for old questions and answers in the Wayback Machine ( ), but unfortunately, not all questions and answers can be found there, so some questions will never get fully spidered. The spidering process is neither easy nor complete because each page can have various versions inside the archive and some questions and answers can have been rejected after they were archived. I think it could be done in about six months' time, but it won't be perfect.
    • Nanker Phelge
      Why do they call it "spidering" anyway?
    • iwnit
      Nanker Phelge. 'There are some disadvantages to calling part of the Internet the World Wide Web -- a large set of arachnid-centric names for tools is one of them.' Source:
  • I've never seen one come back. I don't think they ever will. I think they were deleted.
  • never its answerbags pathetic way of saying we are to gutless to tell you we deleted your question.

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