• I posted that question, but I didn't post it as a question, it was my second answer to someone else's question. I can't remember which question it was now, but that was the question that was removed. My first answer posted twice, so I changed my second answer to "Will somebody please do something about these infernal duplicate posts?". Is that where you saw it, Bootsiebaby? Or did someone else post the same thing as a separate question?
    • Bootsiebaby
      I saw your posting in your profile, Nosmo. I thought it said you posted it as a question.
  • I wouldn't have thought that was taboo. My husband says it, and when he does I usually start singing "From Paris To Berlin". Lol :)
  • One should replace the offending vocabulary with the euphemism "paw-n-lina."
  • Maybe it was the 'tone' more than the word itself. Each user is responsible for flagging duplicates, as well as spam and offensive posts. If users don't flag it staff doesn't see it. It usually takes less than 3 days for them to remove it after I've flagged one though I haven't gone back to check each one. My question is did the person who posted it flag it? Did you?

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