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  • We have been assertive for over 60 years where I come from.
    • ToServeHer
      I want to come and live there.......
    • Bootsiebaby
      You won't be disappointed. The difference is not quite as much as it used to be but there are still more women than men in my neighbourhood.
  • Possibly because we are more in positions that require more assertiveness. You can have your preference but I think it is wrong to characterize one sex or another as "superior" - simply because we depend on one another and do not exist one without the other. I think many of us learn that assertiveness is often not particularly productive so rely instead on more subtle and suggestive means of persuasion. We can be as assertive as we want but if all it brings us is arguments and grief from men (and some women too) who need to feel they have all the answers to everything then we learn to develop other strategies.

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