• Boy, oh boy. You sure ask tough questions, but I'll give it a stab. Mom was a good looking, blonde, 20 year old when she went to work as a maid for the Trump family. Trump's first wife (Ivana) fired her when she caught the Donald boinking the maid in the bathroom. 9 months after getting fired the girl gave birth to an ugly baby boy with bad hair and big ears. 35 years later ... Mom, stepdad, and son are all in a room together to celebrate the son's 35th birthday. As the ugly son leans forward to blow out the candles on his cake, he pushes his bad hair back over his big ears & yells out .... "You're both fired ! ". How did I do ? Did I get it right or what !?! LOL
    • Barcaluv
      Hahaha. I was planning on commenting it sounded like an Agatha Christie-type scenario in my answer, but yours is far more entertaining.
    • Ice man
      [takes a bow] Thank you sir. ; )
  • No question here.

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