• Oh hell no, bring them both and you'll see.. it'll work out just fine. Let us know when you get out of the hospital.
    • demorgans in a COAT of Good Grace
      Lol, what could possibly go wrong?!
    • we are dough
      Circumcision is the lowest form of wit.....
  • no. not at all if they are mature enough to understand the meaning and reality of life.
    • we are dough
      They ain't....
    • Anonymous
      if u try they will. may be a bit difficult for u initially. but u wont repent later. for sure.
  • I can see how that would be an ego-booster but unless they know about each other AND get on with each other I would say no.
    • we are dough
      If you say no, then I will go ahead and do it.....

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