• Stomach cancer: The stomach wall has 5 layers: The innermost layer is the mucosa. This is where stomach acid and digestive enzymes are made. Most stomach cancers start in this layer. ---------------------- Perhaps stomach cancer arises when 'food' gets trapped within the mucosa walls and is not properly dissolved but rather left to 'rotten' and decay as some food does within the large intestine. And this could be a reason why there are large intestinal/colon cancers.. Foods get undissolved due to a higher food amount to digestive enzyme ratio within the digestive tract... The body can secrete only a certain amount of digestive enzymes for the foods within the stomach.. Too much food, not enough digestive enzyme could lead to undigested food that can get lodged into/onto the walls and crevices which then can get stuck, bind to the walls and then begin the rotting process to decay... And these decays could be the cause for cancer to begin forming.. Many digestive tract cancers could probably be avoided by not consuming more than what your body can secrete for digestive enzymes as well as not combining foods which require different digestive enzymes at the same time. Protein is broken down by a protein breaking enzyme and starches are broken down by starch breaking down enzymes. When you consume both protein and starch, your body needs to secrete both types of enzymes, one for protein and the other for starch for the food to get properly dissolved. And so it is easy to see how having only a starch or having only a protein needing to be broken down would be easier and more thorough than having a combination of foods which need breaking down. The right combination, the right amount could alleviate many digestive tract cancers... An example: Eating a plate of pasta (starch) with sauce (vegetable) is alot easier to break down than eating a loaded cheeseburger (bread (starch), meat (protein), pickles (acidic), lettuce (alkaline), cheese (protein), mayonnaise (eggs, milk, etc), ketchup (tomato, spices, etc). And keep in mind the pH balance in your body should be more on the 'alkaline' side than 'acidic' side. Dark green vegetables are alkaline as yogurt, squash, fish, ... Acidic foods would be tomatoes, mustard/ketchup, soda, wine, mayonnaise.
  • 6-10-2017 I guess you mean chilis, with one 'l'. There is also chilly, "cold", and Chile, the country in South America. No.

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