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  • Happy, enlightened, and inspired to become a better and more peaceful person in his relations with everybody. But I know - OK fat chance! So then I want them to have a good time with me and like me and want to be with me again. And like they used to say on TV - consider that being with me has been "time well spent". And worthwhile for them.
    • dorat
  • What I want a man to feel from having sex with me is definitely different between my husband and say, a guy I had a one-night stand with. As for what I would want either to feel, I would want them to enjoy my body, like my performance, and feel physically satisfied from the sex. As for my husband, I also want him to feel all the love that I have for him. I want him to feel and know that I am his lady and I desperately want to please him. I also want him to feel that he is a great lover and satisfies my needs. I want him to feel that our bond is stronger than anything I have ever felt with any other man. I want him to feel that he is so special to me.
    • dorat
      Not much to add to this one. Really beautiful sentiments. My gf has told me similar things and all I can promise you is that I can speak for other men. You cannot know how special and loved hearing that kind of thing makes us feel. I said it before and I'll say it again - your husband and I are the two luckiest men on Earth. That sense of sharing and loving the most beautiful woman we have ever known and - yes - of being sexual studs... It does not get much better than that. Tell your hubby for me, he's a lucky guy.
  • I want him to feel like he just had the best sex ever.
  • I wannA make him crazy.horny as hell and make sure he never forget these 2 hours
  • He owes me a new washing machine !!

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