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  • No because he feels less comfortable sans clothing than I do. Why so interested in people being "naked"?
  • Just for the very answer you provided. To some it sounds sexy. To others, the functional equivalent of torture. There is a scientific element in this. Men tend to be visually oriented. Women tend to be verbally oriented. The root of this question then is similar to a question I asked earlier about if the ladies out think a good looking guy in a tux or a suit is sexier than a guy in the buff. It seems that few guys are answering, so I have no comparative basis to make at this time, but the science on this is pretty well established. Further, I like to get a sense of how other couples relate to each other compared to how I relate to my gf.
    • officegirl
      Haha I don't know how representative AB people are! I don't walk around without clothing in the summer at home to be sexy but just because it is more comfortable. And my husband is so used to seeing me that I doubt it is a turn-on for him unless he is in the mood. I think it is true that we are in general less visual than you but I would dispute that business of more verbal. Men I think are very verbal and in general express themselves in that way better than we do. Rather I think all too often we just expect you to just understand us by feeling and we are only willing to express feelings rather than put it in a more logical way so you will better understand us. Don't you think? No?
    • dorat
      You have a point about how representative AB people are. I cannot pretend that I am doing a scientific survey. Rather, I am just seeing how this group tracks against the norm - and against my gf and I. (That's why I started going to this site. Just to see how my gf and I compare. Pure idle curiosity on my part.) As to your other point - I think you have a point. However, take a look sometime at porn made for women vs porn made for men. The former tends to have more of a story and a romantic theme. For men it is more about the act. Of course, that is something of a stereotype. In truth, men are in their way quite emotional and want to be loved and respected by the women they love. However, they see sex as a way to express that, whereas women tend to invest less in sex than in the circumstances in which sex takes place. You made a very valid point, though.
    • officegirl
      Porn for women? Really? What a concept! I have to admit to having seen very little porn. A few years ago before I was married I kept company with a young man for several months and he showed me this and that that he and a friend would watch. Quite honestly a lot of it was faked - I mean the sex was real but the girls were acting. And, conversely, in some the girls were clearly really getting into it and up there but it was like the men, including the director, just did not get it or care and the men would just stop or change position or rhythm so she would not get there which was SO FRUSTRATING to watch. Like they just didn't care if she was feeling anything herself as long as she was doing the right things. Hm - definitely not made for us. But - many young women, as I learned on here, do watch and like male porn. What is the "norm" at all? Who knows? Who cares? I'm not going to change just to fit someone else's idea of "normal". I'm happy with myself as imperfect as I am.
    • dorat
      Yeah, with porn, you won't get realism. No, by the way, they don't care what the woman is feeling. Most porn is directed at men - they consume about 70% of it. However, there is a sub-genre aimed at women. It tends to have a story, to emphasize atmosphere over the act, and while the act is explicit, it tends to be less aggressive and more romantic. Here, not sure if it will work, but try this: My gf loved it - at least as far as women's porn goes.
  • Sometimes an entire weekend.
  • If it's hot out, I say why bother with clothes. No one in my family had tan lines lol!
  • I've had marathon love making weekends where neither of us wore clothes.
  • Yes, both at home & at a naturist club.
  • Yeah I have. A whole weekend.
  • A whole weekend once.

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