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  • As with your other question, not a huge deal. First, you are only now learning what excites you sexually. Strange as it may sound, you are not mature enough yet to know where on your penis - or for that matter the rest of your body - to rub to give you the greatest sexual satisfaction. Don't worry. Like all men, you'll get there. Your imagination is also more limited, so trying to think of sexy images when you really don't fully yet know what images are sexy enough to excite and arouse you is why other thoughts are intruding on your mind. That said, subconsciously your mind does know what excites you - that's why you are having intense wet dreams as you mentioned in another question on this site. For now, if you can get it, porn is the best way to excite you. Men are visual creatures and pictures are what arouse us. As you get older your knowledge will increase, you will mature sexually (your sperm count will increase which will intensify your sexual urges), and then your imagination will become more intense. That said, remember, even for the most sexually mature guy, not every sexual experience will be all that good. If you are under stress or maybe are having issues with you sex partner or not feeling well - all these things can lessen your orgasm. That will happen. You don't needs tips from anyone on this - you just need time, experience and to reach sexual maturity.

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