• Someone else's bedroom? I do best on a bed. Which may be a reflection of my age. Certainly when I was young I was less particular - in the back yard, in the open , being held up outside against the back wall of a nightclub, on a bathroom floor at a party etc. - though I preferred a bed. One man - oh should mention we used to take separate vacations with another couple and he was a client of my husband - liked being with me on the deck of his boat where other people might see us which I went along with but never much cared for. When we went below in the afternoon that was for me. I have engaged in quite a bit of motel sex which is very comfortable and relatively anonymous. As far as our home is concerned in more amorous days we used to make love on our living room sofa or he would start with me against the dining room wall and then carry me upstairs to continue. Should mention that we have three bedrooms and for a long time I would only entertain gentleman callers in the other two while keeping our bedroom - which actually was a large utility closet with no windows - just for the two of us. But now that he is only occasionally interested in being with me that is more violated though I would never be with anyone there when my husband is at home or if he will be coming home.
    • dorat
      You were adventurous back in the day, that's for sure. My gf and I are pretty flexible about where we have sex, but the back wall of a nightclub is one I had never considered - even with the girls I dated before my gf and I met. We also use the living room - though we usually end up on the floor. However, we have to be a LOT more careful now. On a couple of different occasions one of our kids caught mommy and daddy - a VERY difficult thing to explain to a pre-schooler, as they were at the time. So with rare exceptions, these days the bedroom is our place of choice. Its nice to see, though, that someone else is still getting the most from their mortgage payment. (Though we still do use the backyard late at night. Hey! I'm paying good money for that house.)
    • officegirl
      Haha very good. I don't children of my own but would think it is much better to see mom and dad enjoying each other than just toil and strife. Oh yes on the floor except I don't have much - you know - padding in those places.

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