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  • I don't want anyone watching me with my husband because that is private and intimate. Though I know one of my stepdaughters (adult) has spied on us as well I think as when I have been with other men. In more open sex and swinging situations when I am on my own it has been different. Because then it makes me feel I am more sexy and desirable which raises the intensity of my feelings. And some of them even ask us if they can join us which is very thrilling and I love if my partners are Ok with it. Honestly I guess only some of it has to do with me because I have noticed we get more watchers when the organs of the men with me are sizable LOL. But I still like it.
    • dorat
      If you don't mind me saying, that's sweet. I have to confess, I love my gf with all my heart and I can't imagine spending my life with anyone else, but something about us being watched while we have sex turns me on. Maybe it is a guy thing, I don't know - and I have to admit that I thought of this question without first asking my gf what she thinks. That said, we've had sex in our backyard, on the beach and a couple of other places and while we were not going out of our way to be seen, she seems not to have been bothered at the thought of being seen. Anyhow, thanks for answering.
    • officegirl
      I'm sure people who see you are envious. You're welcome.
  • Perhaps a bit of both.
  • It all depends on the situation. If hubby are celebrating birthday or anniversary I want the moment to be tender and intimate so I wouldn't want to share it. However if we are straight fucking then I have no problem with people watching and/or joining in. One of my favorite places to have sex is on a hotel balcony because it's such a huge turn on knowing someone could be watching.
  • Exicted.
  • Maybe both but more exicted.

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