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  • Well I don't know about that but yes dressed unless he is going to be with me. No not in underwear. Anyway I close my eyes a lot during because I am a little embarrassed seeing them and so to better feel them. What turns me on most is men - who are interested in me.
    • dorat
      Thanks. That was a really interesting response. You seem so in control and self-possessed, it is interesting to discover that you are embarrassed by seeing a man naked. By the same token, the fact that a man's interest in you is what most attracts you seems to confirm how important feelings are to a woman when it comes to sex. Very interesting and many thanks. P.S. If you don't mind my asking, what embarrasses you about seeing a guy naked?
    • officegirl
      Hi. I came in to work early dorat so I could read your comments. Haha no just getting along in years! But yes I probably do control my environment so I feel more comfortable and able within it. When a man takes his clothing off he is letting it all hang out so to speak - making himself vulnerable. So just seems more respectful of his vulnerability to not look much. When I take my clothes off and someone stares at me I get nervous because I know I am not so great looking and I am afraid they are judging me. So I don't want them to think I am doing anything like that in case they are not happy with something about themselves. Also is that men are so - I guess massive and strong that I guess I have a little bit of fear that they could hurt me whereas just feeling them I more feel they are liking me and enjoying me. And as I did mention above I want to concentrate more on feeling them and how they are making me feel so don't want the visual distraction.
    • dorat
      Thanks. That is really an interesting reply. Men are more visual creatures as a general rule. We look because seeing stimulates us. (By the way, I don't know how old you are, but I bet you still look really hot. Believe me, guys would not be looking if they did not think so.) Anyhow, the science shows that women tend to be more verbal. Words - expressions of love and the like - tend to stimulate them more. In a way, your answer reflects that. You are not looking at the guy, in part, because you are trying to consider his feelings. In the meantime, the guy is looking at you because it excites him. Trust me on that. In fact, he'll feel better if you are looking at him naked. I know it is an ego boost for me when a woman is looking at me - and when it is my gf, I am on cloud nine. Thanks, as always, for your really honest answer.
    • officegirl
      59. Oh I think I look like someone's grandmother. But I am in good health and working order and believe it or not still lubricate like crazy. Which is probably enough for some men to still be interested. But don't forget dorat now I am married I don't go out to bars and clubs except w/ my husband or engage men doing their laundry so not as though I am "on the make" as I was when single. So meeting someone has to be in certain circumstances and has to fit my marriage and my schedule as well as his so naturally less possibilities. Some young men are a little apprehensive at first but when I get going with them and they are with me I think it surprises them just how how enjoyable an older lady can be. But I am much less active the last couple of years even at home and I don't seek out certain situations the way I once did. If someone comes my way that is great. Otherwise I have some regulars that I see regularly or very semi-regularly- when they are interested and I am able to work it in to my marriage and work and charitable schedules.
    • dorat
      Officegirl, I hear ya. I am much more monogamous now with my gf than I was before, but we still like to look good for each other. I am no exercise freak, but I try to stay in shape for my gf and vice versa. So I understand what you are saying. Just one other thing, though. I have no idea what you look like, but I know guys. We are visual creatures and we won't have sex with a woman whom we don't think is attractive. You are smart. You can be a little bit snappish at times but on the whole you seem understanding. All good qualities but they won't get a guy to go to bed with you. Trust me, I bet you are way hotter than you think you are. Maybe you are not 25 anymore, but from what you have suggested about your sex life, the evidence is pretty good that you are a "looker." For what my opinion is worth.
  • I guess this would depend on the situation we're in. But I would say I would rather see a man dressed up than naked. I'm only aroused by the site of a naked man if it's someone I'm about to get sexual with. I love a seeing a sharped dressed man and I am turned on by men that dress well.
    • dorat
      Thanks. I guess context is everything for a woman because as a guy, naked does it every time - and now I know why my gf keeps taking me out to buy new suits, too.
    • officegirl
      That is a girlfriend's prerogative.
  • 99.9% of men dressed. LOL!!!! And for the .01%, I hope I'm doing more than looking
    • dorat
      LOL - as the kids say.
  • Dressed up until I get him naked.

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