• The best way to find is through word of mouth or from a deep research on the internet or even with the help of college admission assistant. Recently, while searching for a good college i got the guidance of Andi Frimmer from Prep4college now. She was very nice in guiding me to find the best college in the state.
  • 1-4-2017 Since the government started giving money to colleges in WW2, the business has completely turned to crap. The teachers are absolutely lousy and they will tell you to your face not to bother them because they didn't get their jobs by being good teachers. It's all up to you, and they won't even tell you what it takes to do well in their school. The only commandment is "Thou shalt not embarrass the dean." Get a simple job and a cheap pad within walking distance. That is so you don't have to waste your money on transportation. Save half of everything you earn. Yes, half. To start, keep your savings in gold or silver coins which you do not store in anybody else's vault. (IOW hide them at home.) Spend your evenings studying investment books at the public library. When you are smart enough then you can make other investments. If you earn ten bux an hour and save half, in only ten years you will have A HUNDRED THOUSAND BUX not counting interest or capital gains or paper profits: only principle. There is no other plan that will give you a net worth above zero in only ten years. And there is no school that will teach you any such thing. Does this plan work? Andrew Carnegie worked five years, saved his wages, and then put it all into a tech stock: telegraph. You might have heard the name. His hobby was building concert halls and libraries.

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