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  • Well men are generally going to be more action-oriented than family-oriented because that is how they think. And they often romanticize the "lone-wolf" or "lone cowboy" stance opposed to the confining shackles of society. Is entirely up to you whether you dump someone and how you do it. But just the fact that you are asking this shows that you are conflicted about doing it. You don't offer any specifics so we don't know what your basis is for writing that they are "such liars" while we "know the truth".
    • Ice man
      Good answer, but have a look at her other questions. I think you'll find clarity & the specifics you're looking for.
    • officegirl
      Thank you Ice man. Not really (and I had at first assumed this was an ancient question). Sounds like her husband doesn't want to spend time with her which is too bad. But I don't go for this women = truth, men = liars. I don't think I know more truth than men. To me it just points up al the more that we need to marry friends - cause "love" , as it is construed, fades while having a great time with a friend does not.
  • I believe you're talking about your husband right ? The same one that I just answered one of your other questions about ? If so, then I think you're on the right track, & he deserves what he's going to get. But ... please understand that when you generalize - you are hanging us all with the same rope, which really isn't fair. There are still more than a few good guys left out there ... maybe even 10 or 12 (joking) and if you look around you'll find one that's a keeper. : )

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