• 12-28-2016
    • Keble Bolly-Jocksford
      That isn't what inspired this question, but it's a good answer nonetheless. Lol:)
  • How does "linen" sound like "Mr. Leeman"?
    • Keble Bolly-Jocksford
      Don't you remember? In Fawlty Towers, when those people came to pick up Mr. Leeman, Basil thought they were coming to pick up the linen. That was one of the funniest scenes in that episode. Lol:)
    • Crazychick
      Oh yes, I do remember that now you come to mention it. Lol:)
    • Keble Bolly-Jocksford
      Hilarious, isn't it? Ever since I saw it I've found it hard to keep a straight face whenever someone says the word "linen". Lol:)
  • No but I do find the word Pumpernickel funny

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