• Oh my goodness yes. Sometimes I even wonder whether people who differ from my carefully considered opinions even bother to think at all! But they probably think the same about me.
    • Nosmo King
      This is more bout facts than opinions, officegirl.
  • It does, but I try to be patient with them.
  • 12-31-2016 Yes. It has taken me a very long time to get used to the fact that most people are not as smart as I am. Part of the problem is that even stupid people think "stupid should hurt."
    • Nosmo King
      It took me a long time to get used to that as well, Jewels. Why do you think that is?
  • Yes, and also when I say something and it goes so far over their heads they have no idea what I am talking about.
    • Nosmo King
      So, what were you talking about?
    • dickw60
      Could be about anything. Often about mistranslations or misunderstandings of the Bible. It can also be words or expressions used that are common to me but not to others I work with.
    • Nosmo King
      Ah, misunderstandings of the Bible. Now that could explain a lot. I think that even if one is deeply religious, it is best to keep that out of discussions that have nothing to do with it.
    • dickw60
      I just enjoy researching and studying the Bible as it was originally written and in the everyday meanings in the language that was used back then. Today too many want to put today's meanings and listen to church leaders who have no idea what the Bible is saying.
  • It does, but I try to explain in a logical way.

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