• For the fact he said previous attempts have been rebuffed. One day she will say OK...
  • Does it make your boyfriend a tad bit uncomfortable that you don't trust him? Don't be surprised if it does.
  • I think if you worry you do so at your own peril. How can you enjoy your relationship if you are constantly worried that he is going to hook up with someone else? Please understand there are trillions of women out there he could get interested in and some he probably already is interested in. That is true for most guys and we have to accept that as normal. We place a higher premium on our relationships because we more define ourselves through them which is less true of men. OK if she was fwb it probably meant she liked him and wanted to go out with him so chances are she still does. But worrying rather than just enjoying what you have with him or becoming jealous will only drive him away much sooner so you threaten your own happiness yourself.
  • sometimes it feels so nice to investigate it yourself. XD and please always trust your own instinct.. this is effective :D and in my own opinion. Cheater will always be a cheater.
  • Right now is when you should be concerned. If you dont trust the person you live with or intend to live with then dont move in together. Distrust and jealousy can blow a relationship out of the water.
  • i wouldnt have a boyfriend like that, he probably moved there on purpose to live near her

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