• 12-20-2016 No, I'll be there after V.
  • write my essay
  • Is that a challenge or an invitation ? ; )
    • Murgatroyd
      It's a song, Ice man.
    • Ice man
      The Spencer Davis Group. Groovy, but that is one I've never heard before. The next tune on the play list is cool too but again not something I remember hearing before. I'm familliar with the group but I guess a lot of thier music didn't make it across the pond and get airtime over here. Thanks
    • Murgatroyd
      "After Tea" didn't do well in the UK either, Ice man. I don't know why it flopped because it had a typical 1968 sound and it was performed on Top Of The Pops. It should have been a hit.
  • Me Jan. 21

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