• The cheese paste should be "cream cheese." 🙂 It's normally for breakfast but can be eaten any time of the day. There are quite a few various bagels from sandwiches to bagel pizza. The most basic is to have a bagel with cream cheese. I like my bagel toasted and then I put cream cheese on it. I also love it with nova lox, cream cheese, and tomatoes. Some times I make a tuna sandwich with a bagel. To give you an idea, check out einstein bagel menu at another is
  • Mostly I see people who eat bagels eating them for breakfast. However I must mention that although bagels are available widely in the U.S. in many areas they are only eaten by a minority of the population.. No one I grew up with ate them and I have very seldom had them myself. They are generally too sweet and being served with cream cheese or jelly never seemed very appetizing to me. Give me some whole wheat bread toast with bean paste any day. Many workplaces do have toasters.

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