• I've used a few outside toilets if that's what you mean.
  • Yes, on my uncle farm, grandparent farm on my mother side of the family. When I went to summer camp. Other places. They are fine. Cold winter put a foot on it. Like I tell my cuosins grils as I was growing and I was visited them. There was a big container to pee in. It did not trouble me that the girls saw me pee. If I had to do the number two than I had to sit like they did. It was not fun to had to put clothes on and walk out of the house and walk up to it on the hill. We were out in the country so must of the time I just walk up to it in my underwear with shoes on. Sometime we kids would walk up together and use the bathroom together. No big deal.
  • Yes, and I know what the sears catalog is for too. : )
  • Yes. It was not the horrific, life changing event Hollywood would have you believe.
    • Ice man
      It is when you're inside and 4 jokers push it over. : )

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