• Mainly my laptop and desktop
    • Ice man
      I only have my desktop, but I'm thinking about getting myself a laptop or tablet for Christmas. Thanks
    • salenabarber
      One and only my phone :) I'm loving it :D
  • All 3. Desktop at my desk. Tablet on the couch at night. Phone when I'm out.
    • Ice man
      I'm debating over getting a laptop or tablet. Thanks
    • Mr PantsFellDown
      I wanted a tablet. But I opted for a smart phone with a big enough screen to be able to read and type, because that kind of 'tablet' can hang on my belt when I go out.'s something that will bring the internet to your couch: I connected a spare computer tower to my TV/sound system. An external drive added to that creates enough storage that my music and video collection can be kept on it and I just use VLC as a player. Then I hooked the internet to it, so I can watch you tube or netflix, or google things (I put a wireless keyboard and mouse under my coffee table, so I can use it as a computer right there if the need arises. I'm told you can even take phone calls on a setup like that, but...I wanted to minimize how many things I had to buy, so I replaced the land phone with a smart phone and it just sits by the remotes on my coffee table. Good to go.
    • Ice man
      Very clever.
  • All of the above Nov. 12
    • Ice man
      Wow, that's what I call being connected. : ) Do you favor one over the rest? Thanks
    • RareCatch
      Yes Laptop Nov.15
  • A desktop and another in the closet,plus 2 laptops in bags. all were old and free.
    • Ice man
      The price is right and all the more power to ya. You've got me beat all to hell. : )
  • My preferences are mobility and using up NOT much room on any table. What I gathered from my internet and camping resort friends, the best option seems to be the laptop, because it can be taken anywhere, and usually the RAM is bigger, and so are all the features in social media.
    • Ice man
      That makes sense. Depending on how my finances hold up in the next month, I might buy myself some new electronic toys for Christmas.
  • I usually use my desktop, but I also have a laptop on standby in case something goes wrong with the desktop.
    • Ice man
      That's because you're not just a snappy dresser ...but efficient too ! ; )
  • I've been strictly a laptop person since about 2006 with the exception of the classroom desktops I've used when taking graphic design classes in the past few years. I find the small screen and composing community posts using the touch keyboard on my phone obnoxious.
    • Temperance Brennan
      Perhaps I should elaborate. I have two laptops. An Acer Aspire that I purchased with financial aid in 2009 and a Macbook Air that I'd unexpectedly obtained when my mom brought it home from her office a year or two later. I primarily use the Macbook Air but still have the Acer as it's made an adequate backup twice this year while I solved a Macbook power cord issue.
    • Ice man
      Having a back up device always makes sense and I know what you mean about phones. Thanks.
    • Temperance Brennan
  • Desktops here and at home. Had an I Phone for a year or so to pursue a particular interest but gave it up when I stopped.
    • Ice man
      Thanks. I still only have my desktop, but haven't given up on getting a laptop to take on the road ,and use as a back up. My cooking work load drops right off after tomorrow night, so maybe I should start looking around at what's out there.
  • I mostly use my phone to access the internet.i rarely use my laptop for using internet.
    • Ice man
  • I use my Desktop, Phone and Tablet. I want to get another Laptop to use. I started out with a laptop that that was refurbished and loved it, of course, it was what I first started with. I got a desktop just in time before the laptop went to not being repairable.
    • Ice man
      Thanks. At least you have a couple of back up devices if something goes south. I asked this question about around 5 months ago with the intention of buying a laptop or tablet as a Christmas present for myself. As my luck went I didn't have any extra cash to spend, so I'm still without a back up. Oh well, maybe this summer. : )
    • Rick Myres
      You are welcome. I am glad I could save up for the phone and tablet.
  • Lapdance - I mean er, uh, laptop. (Yea, that's it.)
    • Ice man
      LOL Thanks : )
  • Desktop and a smart phone. Good to go.
    • Ice man
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  • There's nothing like the texture and fragrance of a hand written letter from/to the one you love.
    • Ice man
      I can't argue about that , because you're right.... But the question was about accessing the internet, not mail.
    • Roaring
      Yes Ice Man. I tend to free associate and let my mint take me wherever it will. I prefer an old school Laptop. T60. They are inexpensive and plenty fast enough. They are a bit weighty though.
    • Ice man
      It's been a fair bit of time since I originally asked this question, and I still don't have a back up computer, but now I'm leaning toward a laptop for a portable device that I can take with me on the road. Thanks.
  • I have a really small phone (3' screen) with no keyboard just the tiny texting screen, but we manage to 'git 'er done'!
    • Ice man
      That's the main thing. : )
  • I mainly use a desktop to surf the internet. Although when I'm traveling or at work, I will use my cell phone.
  • Phone at this time.
    • Ice man
      The way you say it ... it makes me wonder if your computer died recently ? I've had the experience and it ain't fun.
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      I see what you mean. I moved to a different place. I have not installed my computer yet.
  • Desktop; phone for checking email on the go. I deliberately keep a phone with a small screen to avoid the temptation to spend too much time on it outside.
    • Ice man
      Very wise.
    • mushroom
      Can't say others share my enthusiasm.
  • Probably a laptop as phones and tablets are almost similar to me, especially if you have a phone with a bigger screen.
  • I Usually use my Laptop..
  • Depends what I'm doing. If I need power, then it's the desktop. If I need portability then it's the laptop, if I'm just casual surfing, then it's the tablet. If I want to develop squinty eyes and claw hands, then it's the phone.

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