• That's a hard one, I guess it depends on how much. If $10 then toss as to not hurt someone's feelings (however Starbucks still gets there $10 which is the issue), maybe buy a pound of coffee and give to food bank so at least it does some good somewhere. If more then I would return to the giver and just say that you don't drink coffee. They should understand. I don't drink coffee so any time I get one I re-gift.
    • bUzztard
      That sounds like a good plan.
  • Gee lighten up a little Lady!
  • Give it to a homeless person.
  • You don't have to accept it.
  • Starbucks serves a lot of other things besides coffee use the card and be grateful someone cared enough to give you a gift.
  • Why would you throw it away? Someone was nice enough to give it to you and regardless of the company's political agenda they have already been paid. Returning it would hurt your friends feelings and throwing it away would just be wasteful. Would you throw your own money away? You made a point of telling us that you're Christian so why don't you do the Christian thing? 1st of all thank your friend for their gift , and then give the card to someone who has nothing and would appreciate it a homeless person.
  • I either give it to someone else or gift swap with someone. As others have said, Starbucks already has the money.
  • Maybe they knew and forgot that you don't drink coffee or they didn't know in the first place. Either way, if it was given graciously, you should accept it graciously and say nothing to them and I would think you'd be grateful someone thought enough of you to buy you a gift. Imo, returning it doesn't make someone very christian like as it's particularly rude and hurtful. To just throw it away when someone else might enjoy it is wasteful. I would just give it to someone you think might enjoy it.
  • Starbucks is too mainstream and serve terrible coffee. What sort of agenda does Starbucks have? Are you in KKK?
    • Pattijo
  • The best people don't respond to insults, they let it go. they keep quite. When you keep silent, the person will see himself/herself as the stupid hence stopping.
  • Not sure what being a Christian would have to do with it. Do you feel ir violates your faith to drink coffee? You could pass it on to someone who could really appreciate it.
  • Why not give it to somebody else? The person who gave it to you needn't know.
  • Insulting gift card ? and Christian ? my goodness give the blasted thing back and get your butt in church and ask for forgiveness to your stupidity .. this question is way past childish
  • maybe you can give it to someone else

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