• No. This is an old myth. Oil on the face and puberty cause acne. Keeping your hands and face clean can help reduce any incidence of acne.
  • No food has been proven to be the cause of acne.Recent research has been done suggest that chocolate boost serotonin in the brain that produces calm effect and stability. Stress can be related to acne outbreaks and chocolate found to relax our body. Thus, chocolate can be used to calm our nerves and can help us to prevent acne outbreaks.
  • I moved to Ukraine right after it seceded from the Soviet Union. For what it's worth, there were two things I never saw at first: chocolate and acne. All the young people had perfect and beautiful complexions. Now both are everywhere. That doesn't prove anything, but it's a coincidence worth taking into account.
  • well,if you eat alot of junk food,you do i think.
  • never heard of it.know for sure tends to put on weight eating chocolates cause i had to stop chocolates for reducing.
  • YES!! For alot of people including myself. Chocolate can make you break out. I ate chocolate one night next morning i had breakouts. I Thought to myself na but then a week later i had more chocolate and had breakout the next day. But it various for different people and different skin types
  • i don't eat chocolate at all but still i have acne for the past six years. moderatley severe for the past 2. it's not just one food itme that can cause acne. there are a lot of reasons. some say oily skin and puberty cause it (well i have dry skin and i'm 22 now). hormones can be a pretty good reason for acne. its different for every one. i think spices trigger my acne breakout more than anything else.i believe chilli pepper has the effect on me as chocolate has on lipme001.
  • I cannot tell you how many times I have experienced acne directly related to my having eaten chocolate the night before. In fact, I am currently suffering from an outbreak which is what prompted my interest to look up the subject; hence, finding this web site. It could possibly be allergy-related which would explain different reactions with different people.
  • I think too much of it could cause acne. Buf if you eat just a bar, and drink lots of water afterwards, I don't think it would lead to acne (based on my experience).
  • I think it can if you eat it all the time or a lot.I think greasy foods dont help with skin completion problems and I do belive it show up we are what we eat in some cases pizza cheese and things fried, pork salt retains water to clog pores and just water is good to clean the skin and sweating and cardo cycles puberty,periods,stress,genitics,.etc.
  • I read all this crap about chocolate not causing acne and I can tell you, the studies are soooo incomplete. Chocolate for MOST people does not cause acne. Some people however ARE allergic to it. I am one of those people. I can prove to anyone, any time that chocolate causes me to break out. I can eat zero grams of fat for 2 weeks, drink lots of water, soak and scrub my face and number of times a day, and I will be perfectly fine for weeks, until I eat one piece of chocolate... then I get at least a couple pimples within 16 hours, guarenteed every time, no exception. Would the candy industry stop misinforming people already? I know you guys are desperate now that people are on health kicks, but misinformation is just wrong. You guys already caused me enough grief when I had to patch a few hundred servers for your stupid lobby to change the timezone information yet again to allow more people to trick-or-treat during Halloween. Now I have to go crawl the web to fix all the misinformation of yet another topic. I would be happy to meet with any scientist in Northern California to prove this to you beyond any shadow of doubt.
  • I'm 36 and can definately say that I have linked chocolate consumption to painful acne breakouts on my back, face and upper neck, etc. I maintain a healthy lifestyle, work out 7 days a week, drink lots of water, low sugar, low fat but as soon as I eat chocolate, dark or white, I break out and the pimples can be large and painful, may times containing puss and blood>>> I wish someone could help with this situation as I love chocolate. I'm tired of reading all the articles regarding the face that chocolate does not cause acne!
  • For me it does thats why i dont eat it anymore (which sucks cause i love chocolate). I am also tired of hearing that crap about chocalte not causing acne cause it totally does. But i read this article in the paper which said we dont get acne from chocolate but from touching are face after eating greasy food. I dont know if its true but someone should try it and see if thats right.
  • There are some studies (such as at the Harvard School of Public Health) asking whether milk might be a contributor to acne. E.g., It's always something...
  • No it does not.
  • No iodide does.
  • Sometimes, but most of the time it doesn't. It might, though, because it depends on the person.
  • Yes and no, most people don't get acne just from eating some chocolate. However if you are intolerant to some thing in chocolate or you have a poor diet yes you may well end up with spots/acne.
  • I heard that was a myth. I cant really think of a connection between skin problems and chocolate.
  • Choclate doesn't cause acne, it's a proven fact that acne isn't caused directly by what you eat. BUT.. eating a large amount of chocolate w/o healthy foods also( like eating a chocolate bar FOR dinner, instead of AFTER dinner) is very unhealthy for your body. and it's the same with any foods that arn't healthy. What happends is your body starts lacking the vitamins and minerals it needs, and therefore your immune system isn't 100%. If you've ever had acne in your life, even just once, it has the full ability to comeback because the bacteria that causes it stays in your skin. With a strong immune system your body has absolutely no problem dealing with the bacteria, but if you start eating junk foods... indirectly yes you will get acne. it's cause and effect. hope that helped.
  • They say it doesn't but i like to disagree with that. Many times whereby i've eaten lots of chocolate and the next day i've broken out with acne. I wouldn't say that's a coincident. I can't be that lucky (in my case, unlucky) all the time!
  • People with no skin problems will tell you chocolate does not cause acne. People WITH skin problems will tell you it does. I have skin problems, and if I eat chocolate I note that my skin problems worsen -- no doubt about it. This is a pattern I have seen many, many times over. But it might be a food allergy thing, that is, I may be allergic to chocolate. But I don't swell up, but I do get a headache. (MSG gives me a headache too, as does wine, which I think is caused by the sulfites, though it may just be the wine.) So I am very sensitive, especially in the skin. People with better, tougher skin don't have any problem with chocolate.
  • No. It's a myth.
  • not that i know of
  • It can for some people.

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