• Open book, but not THAT open. It's better to be reserved about things that you consider private or valuable to you. I also like openness in people. Misterious or evasive people can be interesting for a while, then it becomes tiresome, to me.
  • EDIT I see myself as an open book to others. I would let others read about me for who I am, who am I, and what are my thoughts. My private thoughts tend to stay closed however and may be so like this for another quite some time. Just like Barcaluv67 said, "Open book, but not THAT open."
  • I'd prefer to be hard to read in general. Once I see someone trying to read me, I'll decide of I want to let them...if I do, I'll try to become more of an open book, if I don't, then I'll stay firmly closed.
  • I find that I'm a bit of both, but not in the ways I'd like. Some days I look around and find some of my personal emotions are like memo pages that everyone has a copy of. And others are like emails that for one reason or another just won't "send".
  • I'd rather be hard to read. Unfortunately, however, I seem to get upset rather easily.
  • Well i am usually very hard to read (so i've been told) and indeed i try to make it that way. I stay withdrawn a lot of the time and it's all for a good cause as if i was always open then i would only get myself into trouble as i have done in the past. But at other times when i'm emotional it's all out there for everyone to see and i can't help it.
  • Both aren't that great. I found out from experience.
  • Like an open book
  • I'm definitely hard to read. That's one of the few things I don't want to change about myself. It's makes me "me".
  • I'm a wide open book.
  • One of my jazz professors in conservatory once told me, "The secret is to always keep 'em guessing." Hard to read.
  • Hard to read.

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