• Sailing around the world , I'm scared of horses
  • Riding horseback through south america..because I want to see more than the water..and I love riding horses:)
  • i'd rather horse back ride through the U.S.
  • Sailing around the world. I don't believe riding horses is moral or ethical.
  • I would ride the horse through South America. It would be more of an experience.
  • I would have to go horse back riding through South America because I get sea sick. And I don't want to spend the whole time popping Dramamine.
  • I would ride a horse through South America. I think of all the marijuana fields I might stumble upon and I get giddy.
  • I love horses very very mucvh but slogging through thick jungles and over huge mountains that could hurt us both doesnt' sound like fun. I used to go horsepacking and I know what hard trails are like. But I love sailing and have been many times on my parent's 50' boat. I'll pick the sails and dream of going around the world.
  • Sailing because i want to see the world.
  • I would choose sailing around the world... first of all you are next to the water the entire time, but also because I might run into pirates.. You see, I can't become a pirate due to moral issues, so the next best thing is fighting them.. muahaha..
  • It's not far down to paradise At least it's not for me And if the wind is right you can sail away And find tranquility The canvas can do miracles Just you wait and see Believe me It's not far to never never land No reason to pretend And if the wind is right you can find the joy Of innocence again The canvas can do miracles Just you wait and see Believe me Sailing Takes me away To where I've always heard it could be Just a dream and the wind to carry me And soon I will be free Fantasy It gets the best of me When I'm sailing All caught up in the reverie Every word is a symphony Won't you believe me It's not far back to sanity At least it's not for me And when the wind is right you can sail away And find serenity The canvas can do miracles Just you wait and see Believe me No one writes songs about horseback riding in South America. There is something magical about sailing. I'd sail around the world in a minute if I ever got the chance.
  • i would ride a horse through america because i would see people everywhere i go and it is the new world. Sailing around the world would be long and most often boring. you may run out of water in the middle of the sea and die.
  • Horseback riding in South America. I love horses and have been riding for years. I would also like to see hwre my horse's breed came from, Peru. As fo rsailing I hate water and need to be able to see land I can swim to at all times when on a boat.
  • Sailing, I grew up on fishing boats in the Gulf Coast and there is nothing I love more than just being on the water. Plus I'd love to fish and travel the world.
  • could I sail around the world on my pony?
  • It's amazing - you just hit on the exact 2 things my hubby and i always say we'll do one day. I would love to go horse riding through south america -how nice would that be and my hubby couldn't leave fast enough for his sail around the world because there's always another mile of water waiting out there somewhere he just has to see.
  • Horses =) I dont like the Sea =( x
  • Put me on a ship, anytime, anyplace and anywhere. I loce cruising but only slightly like horseback riding.

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