• It's evolutionarily induced. Women developed as food gatherers and went in groups to collect food for the extended family. They used frequent utterances to communicate that they were still alive and not under attack from rival groups or preying animals. It's the "strength in numbers" thing that has stayed with them and helped them become the social creatures that they are, moreso than men who relied upon stealth to capture prey, and weren't as chatty. Each manner has advantages in its own place.
  • It sounds like you DON'T think it's important to have friends. Do you have friends of your own, or are you just against HER having friends? I think pretty much ALL humans, male or female want/need friends. People need other's opinions, and feedback. We need support and friendship from others. Someone who is an outside force that can smack you when you're being stupid, and can pat you on the back when you're doing well. I think pretty much ALL people are looking for friendship, not just women.
  • Because women are known for networking and exchanging information. In a feminine based group, no one tries to act better than another, they try to acknowledge each others power and support each other. Also, women must be open to others feelings in order to take care of children. In masculine based groups, it is considered bad to show fears and inadequacies, because it will allow other rivals to know weak spots. This does not allow for free expression of feelings. This is a very simplistic explanation of differences.
  • We need someone to complain about our men to.
  • I'm a 23 year old female, intelligent, very attractive, and very introverted. I need some human interaction, but for the past 4 months I have moved to another city after moving around a lot (even across the Atlantic), I have had to leave friends behind while my boyfriend had to stay in England. So I'm mostly solitary but having moved back to my home city, I can bond with my mother and father again (though I'm not living with them). And do you know what? I am really quite content in my situation. I'm starting University in September so I'll have a chance to make friends then... but I've never understood how other girls can bond so quickly, I need alcohol to be able to even pretend that I'm bonding. But I never really feel that bond until I've gotten to know that person much, much better over a longer period of time.
  • friends are good for emotional support. someone to talk to/drink with/shop for/help out/lean on/cry with
  • Everyone needs friends, personally I really don't have any., but I would rather have one good friend than have a million backstabbers for friends. To find good friendship is rare.

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