• I have none, and no plans for any.. I enjoy my itle as the "Favorite Uncle"
  • For me it was a one and only chance. He is no longer with us , nothing to do with the difficulty of his birth.
  • I do. I have two sons. As for the act of having them in the strict sense of the word I guess my wife could give a better opinion to that. On the subject of raising them I think she'll agree with me that it's even harder and complicated but incredibly rewarding.
  • I have one. And it's hard, but it's all worth while. Kids are cool. They say the things we are thinking, but can't say, like "What's wrong with your teeth?" and they find all sorts of new uses for your favorite household items. Who would have thought all you have to do it throw a remote into the toilet and BAM! just like that it's a boat!
  • I do, I have one, and the actual HAVING of her wasn't much fun. If I do it again, it's not going to be the "natural" way! The risks definitely outweigh the "rewards". Having her after that - I can't imagine not having her. She's wonderful. Even if she's sprinkling the floor with pencil sharpener dust and telling me "I'm putting sauce on the flowers!" *sigh* Time to vacuum.
  • 1) Nobody knows, I think. This data is not collected. 2) I suppose you wanted to know if the answerer had children. I am married and we have two children. It is often hard to give birth, but I am the father, so I just helped. It is a lot of stress to have children, you must totally change your habits, there give you a lot of work, and there are a lot of thinks that you cannot do with them, at least not so easily. They cost a lot of money. It is also a great responsibility for the whole life. However, children give you also a lot of great moments in your life. You are normally more than rewarded for the time that you give them, I am very glad that I could have children growing around me. It can help you to understand life. To accompany them is a little like living your life one more time, it helps you to stay more in contact with the modern world. I think education of children is it's own reward.
  • Two, one of each. Raising them has taught me as many things about myself, as I have taught them.
  • I have 3 and they are the only thing that keeps me going. I don't necessarily think it is hard having them, but once they became driving age, it turned outrageously expensive. It's a good thing thing we spread ours apart some. One real weird thing that happened, though, when the 3rd came along. Until then, we never had one single problem finding babysitters. Even on "spur of the moment" situations. But, once the 3rd one got here, we actually had to hunt, and lots of times, did not find, babysitters. They suddenly disappeared. I guess 2 was okay, but 3 was a crowd. I'm just glad that they were pretty much grown when I became partially disabled.
  • I have two, Gina. My daughter is 6 and my son is 5. It is extremely difficult at times, but worth every second. Not so much having them around... I would say it is more difficult making sure that I am around them as much as I can be, doing enough for them to give them what they need, and raising them as best as I possibly can.
  • I have 2 kids and 3 step kids.. My daughter was stillborn and would be 22 this year. :^( My son who is 18 still at home and in his first year of collage. My oldest step son 26 and still at home. My middle step daughter 24 and living with her boyfriend and his son. My youngest step daaughter 19 and still at home. The hardest part if it all was not getting to know my daughter. Besides that raising kids is hardest and the most rewarding thing in the world. If you wait until the time is right you will never have kids. I suggest waiting 2 or 3 years after the wedding and then having 2. (That was my plan and I was "Fixed" after my son was born) Great question..
  • I have 2 boys aged 9 and 1. Being a parent is the hardest job ever yet the most rewarding!

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