• I am someone else other than myself.
  • hmmm...for me it would be being airheaded! lol
  • Your in an alien mood to your usual personna.
  • Maybe the person isn't felling well. You are just not "up to yourself" when you don't feel good. Or, sometimes it's just a "ho-hum" kind of day..low energy vibes going on. (Nothing a little quiet time with 'no thinking' can't cure).
  • someone who is not themself ?
  • well, in saying "I'm not myself", I am basically saying that "I'm not the person you usually see me as". Not being myself could simply be a disguised version of "I'm showing a side I don't usually let you see".
  • I am Tiger Woods
  • Itsa me, Mario.
  • It means I`m as angry as a hungry lion...
  • I AM NOT MY SELF TODAY: I'm walking, I'm falling I retie my shoelace I'm at that awkward age I'm thinking, I'm thinking I'm thinking, not talking I'm at that awkward stage Please don't look, please don't listen Don't pay attention to a thing I do or say I'll let you know what you're missing I guess I'm just not myself today There's someone else that I'm trapped in I've got my mind, he's got my skin I think all I want, he won't say a thing I sit down, I get up I think I'll just stand here Tomorrow I'll be fine.... When I'm Not Myself: Despite frustrations and self-doubts, Cara is learning to hope and heal as she transforms from a long-suffering wife to the vibrant, self-assured woman she was meant to be. But the road to Cara's brighter future is strewn with complications, especially when the "other woman" asks for a favor...and Cara's path takes a poignant twist on the road to happiness. "Our two minds .... One is an act of the emotional mind, the other of the rational mind. In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks and one that feels" (Daniel Goleman, Emotional Intelligence, Bloomsbury Publishing, London, 1996, page 8). This rational mind is also called the faculty of logic and reason. The Upanishads say that these two are opposite in nature. Modern psychologist also have observed it, but they are not very sure about it: "At the same time, reason sometimes clearly seems to come into conflict with some desires (even while not being in conflict with others) giving us the impression that reason is separate from emotion". When the emotional mind works dominantly on a particular day, persons are likely to say "I am not myself today". If a man says it, it means that he is getting irrational thoughts that day. The Upanishads say that women use the emotional mind more frequently than men. When a woman says the same expression, it means "the other woman" is taking over her entire mind.
  • I, personally, become the PMS Creature From The Black Lagoon. Men fear me. Particularly my husband.

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