• These movies were initially referred to as "talkies". History was made in New York on October 6th, 1927 when the very first spoken voice in a feature film was heard. The voice belonged to Al Jolson and the ground breaking movie – The Jazz Singer. The reaction by the theatre audience was immediate – they rose to their feet, applauding ecstatically. The moment came in the middle of the film when, during a nightclub scene, Jolson suddenly spoke. The first words ever spoken in a movie were, “Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!” The words were truly prophetic in light of the massive advances taken in the realms of movie sound since that time.
  • "stop poking my with that thing"
  • It depends on what the first talking movie was. Most film scholars say the Jazz Singer was but there was a few talking films made before with different equipment that were never released. Most were lost after so the answer will never be known.

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